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GreenPath Financial Wellness

As a Canyon State Credit Union member, you have access to financial counselors who provide confidential money management assistance and financial education.

GreenPath, Inc. --- also known as GreenPath Debt Solutions --- is a non-profit, credit counseling organization that has been helping people get out of debt since 1961. They have been helping people regain control of their finances --- and their lives.

Financial Education

GreenPath offers free debt counseling that is personal and tailored to your unique situation. They specialize in helping people eliminate credit card debt, assist people with student loan debt, help homeowners avoid foreclosure, provide reverse mortgage counseling to seniors, help people manage their credit score, and provide bankruptcy counseling and education for debtors filing for bankruptcy.

Financial education is part of everything they do, and they also offer a wide variety of financial education tools and resources. Check on any of the topics below for more details on how they can help you gain control of your debt or visit their website at www.greenpathref.com

Plus they offer free webinars on host of topics. Click here for more information


Over the years, GreenPath has earned the trust of consumers and community partners because they care. They are professional, compassionate and committed to helping others.

Call them today at 1.877.337.3399 to get started.

Hours (MST)
6:00 am -- 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday
6:00 am -- 5:00 pm Friday
7:00 am -- 4:00 pm Saturday