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Overdraft Privilege Program


Our Overdraft Privilege Program alleviates embarrassment and merchants' Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees!

Have you ever made an honest mistake in your checkbook? Or, found yourself a "little short" before payday? Perhaps you've had an unusual or unforeseen expense at the wrong time.

Relax, you may deserve special consideration. You can authorize Canyon State Credit Union to pay overdrafts on checks written, ACH transactions, preauthorized automatic transfer, internet banking, and telephone banking. Plus, if you want, you can authorize the Credit Union to pay overdrafts on ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions just by filling out the Overdraft Privilege Consent Form.

Here's more about our Overdraft Privilege Program:

  • You can avoid high fees from merchants for returned checks.
  • You can have new convenience and flexibility in managing your funds.
  • Payment of overdrafts up to a total of $500 will normally be considered, subject to the terms of our Membership & Account Agreement and Truth in Savings disclosures.


  • It activates after all overdraft protection accounts are maximized.
  • It costs nothing unless you use the Overdraft Privilege service.

We will charge our normal NSF fee (currently $30 per NSF item, as set forth in our Fee Schedule) for each item that would create an overdraft on your account. Of course, we are not promising to pay your overdrafts, not all accounts are eligible, and some restrictions do apply. Overdrawn account balances must be cleared up immediately.

We hope our Overdraft Privilege Program will prevent you from incurring embarrassment or high NSF fees from merchants when you overdraw your account.

Payment or non-payment of overdrafts is purely at Canyon State Credit Union's discretion, and is subject to the terms of the Membership & Account Agreement, Truth in Savings disclosure, Expedited Funds Availability Act disclosure, Electronic Funds Transfer Act disclosure, and Fee Schedule, which may be amended from time to time. Copies of these disclosures are available upon request from Canyon State Credit Union. Canyon State Credit Union is under no obligation to pay any item which may overdraw your account at any time. Certain accounts are ineligible for consideration of payment of overdrafts.