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GAP, MBP & Debt Protection


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is available on most vehicles including RVs, motorcycles, boats and trailers. If your vehicle is stolen or totaled, GAP pays the difference between the balance owed and the amount paid by your insurance company. The cost of the warranty varies, depending on the type of vehicle. Currently, coverage is available for cars and trucks for only $449, which is less than the cost available at most dealerships.

Plus, included in your GAP coverage is our Auto Advantage program.  This coverage can pay up to $500 towards your auto insurance deductible!  To learn more or receive an instant quote, please click here.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) extends the dealer warranty, sustaining the resale value. This covers necessary repairs for a variety for mechanical and electrical parts (some restrictions apply). MBP is available for most cars and trucks. You can also buy MBP for pre-owned vehicles that are no longer covered by the original factory warranty. For more information or to receive an instant quote, please click here.

ConsumerSafe Debt Protection

Life is unpredictable. You may worry about unexpected, real-life events that could leave you scrambling to pay your monthly bills. Safeguard your consumer loan in times of uncertainty.

ConsumerSafe Debt Protection can help relieve financial pressure in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment. This program provides an important sense of financial security – knowing your loan will not become a burden in times of hardship. Please contact us for additional details about the ConsumerSafe Debt Protection program or click here for more information and to receive an instant quote.