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About Credit Unions

What services do credit unions offer?

Savings Accounts: Credit unions help people save to meet their financial goals. Share accounts are basic savings accounts in which money earns a competitive return. Many credit unions offer a variety of savings plans.

Checking Accounts: Credit unions offer a variety of checking accounts, also known as share draft accounts. There are usually no service fees or minimum balances, which means more money in your pocket. Some checking accounts even pay interest, and checks may be free. Add the convenience of VISA Debit Cards, direct deposit, and overdraft protection for the ultimate in checking service.

Affordable Loan Rates: Nearly everyone needs a loan at some point, and credit unions have traditionally been the best place to go. Interest rates are generally lower than with other lenders. Because credit unions consider character as well as collateral, it may be easier to get a credit union loan. Most credit unions make loans to members only, so capital flows back into their communities.

Home Mortgage Loans: Some credit unions offer affordable home financing, from adjustable-rate to 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages. Programs vary with each credit union.

Loans For All Occasions: Other types of loans are available at many credit unions:

  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • Personal/Signature Loans
  • Consolidation Loans

Many credit unions also offer services such as these:

Payroll Deduction: Allows you to deduct any amount from your paycheck for deposit into credit union savings accounts and for credit union loan payments.

Direct Deposit: No standing in line on payday, no lost checks, and no chance of forgetting to deposit checks if you have your paychecks, Social Security checks, and other regular payments sent directly to your credit union accounts. Your money starts earning interest right away.

Specialized Services:

  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Audio Response Systems
  • Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Stock Brokerage Services
  • Travelers Checks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Money Orders
  • Share Certificates (CDs)
  • Vacation Clubs
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Holiday Clubs

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