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Are there any fees associated with a checking account?

With our CashBack Checking Account you may write as many checks as you wish each month and are not required to maintain a minimum balance in your checking account. Fees may be incurred when an overdraft occurs, you no longer have a balance in your membership savings account or stop payments are requested.

Our Try Again Checking has a monthly maintenance fee of $10.00. If you keep your account in good standing for twelve months, the account will be converted to our free CashBack Checking Account.

Can I change my PIN number for my MasterCard Debit card?

Your MasterCard Debit Card PIN is preset and assigned by our MasterCard processing company. You can change your PIN, but you will need to call the number on the back of your card.  We can no longer reset PINs in the branches.

Your MasterCard Debit Card PIN is always sent a few days after receipt of your card. If you have lost or misplaced your PIN, please contact our Member Service Center at 623.580.6000 or 800.224.3330.

Do I get copies of my checks back?

Canyon State does not return canceled checks. However, all check orders placed through Canyon State are for the "duplicate" check style so you will always have a copy of the checks you have written.

Do I have to keep a minimum balance in my checking account?

No minimum balance is required for a Canyon State checking account. However, you must keep a minimum balance of $5 in your membership savings account while you're a member of Canyon State.

Does the checking account come with a checking card?

You will receive a Canyon State Mastercard Debit Card upon approved credit, free of charge when you open a Canyon State checking account. You can use the card to pay for purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Say "credit" at the register and the purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account or press "debit" and ask for cash back - just like writing a paper check. You can also use the card to access your Canyon State checking or savings account funds from any ATM terminal worldwide.

How can I get a copy of a canceled check?

If you are a member, you can request that a copy be mailed to you for a fee through Phone Banking, by calling 623.580.6000 or 800.224.3330, or by email. You also have access to check imaging at no cost through Internet Banking.

How can I order checks?

Click here. Your browser will be directed to Harland Clarke, our Internet check ordering service.

How do I reorder checks?

You can reorder checks online through Harland Clarke. When ordering checks online, you will need the "start number" and "reorder number" found on your check reorder form that was shipped with your last box of checks.

What charges are associated with a Mastercard Debit card?

There are no fees for point of sale (POS) transactions, or Mastercard signature transactions. There are no fees for the first five (5) ATM withdrawals per month, but there may be fees charged by the ATM owner. There is a one dollar fee for each ATM withdrawal in excess of five (5) each month.

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