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Can I get a Mastercard Debit card for my savings account?

No, not at this time. However, you may have an ATM card for your savings account.

Do I need a savings account to be a member? I only want to open a Holiday/Vacation Savings or checking account.

As a member of Canyon State, you are also an owner or shareholder. Your "share" account is your savings account and is required of each member/owner. This is not a fee and will be returned to you if you ever close your credit union account. In addition to your main savings account, you may also have a checking, Holiday/Vacation Savings, Money Market, CD or IRA account, and take advantage of our other financial services.

What are your rates?

Click here for current savings rates.

What is the minimum balance I have to keep?

All members are required to maintain a minimum of $5 in their savings account.

When do you send out Holiday/Vacation Savings checks?

During the first week of November we will distribute your Holiday/Vacation Savings funds with the interest earned in accordance with your instructions, either depositing the funds into your checking or savings account. 

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