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Traveling with Your Debit Card


Debit Card: Travel Fraud Monitoring

Our new travel fraud monitoring service should reduce your stress when using your debit card while away from home. This service allows you to be quickly notified when a questionable transaction or threat of fraud occurs.

You now may submit your travel information to Canyon State along with phone numbers where you can be reached. This information will be given to our fraud monitoring service to watch for suspicious activity. In the event that potential fraud is suspected, you will be notified.

Bypassing a Debit Card Block

Currently we have the ability to use "Authorization Block" to decline all transactions that are originated in a certain country or from specific merchants. (Example: If we have several suspicious transactions or threats of fraud in a certain country, we will place a block on ALL debit transactions that originate from that country.) The block is usually placed for several months. The new "VIP Block Bypass" service will give us the ability to "unblock" an individual card. All you need to do is provide us with your travel dates and locations, and we can temporarily allow transactions to go through from the blocked countries or merchants.