Online & Mobile Banking Upgrade


How to Login to Online/Mobile Banking

Reminder! Please ensure you have the new Mobile Banking app. For quick access, you can go directly to:

Primary Owner Login:

Q. How do I login to Online Banking or Mobile Banking for a personal account?
A. To ensure your security, we need you to follow this quick easy steps. Please complete the following:

  • Use your existing username to login
  • It will prompt you for a temporary password, please use your uppercase first initial, lowercase last initial, and last 6 digits of your SSN (for example, Ab123456)
  • Then, it will ask you to choose the permanent password of your choice

Joint Owner Login:

Q. How do I login to Online Banking or Mobile Banking for a personal account?
A. Good news! Joint owners can now have their own secure login for Online/Mobile Banking. If the joint owner has a unique username that was set up prior to the system upgrades, they need to use this to login. If they did not have a unique username, they will need to call in to the Member Solutions Center at 623.580.6000 or 800.224.3330 and they will quickly set it up.

*Primary owners are defined as whomever has their social security number (SSN) assigned to the account. Joint owners are other owners/signers who are also on the account however their SSN is not assigned to the account.

Touch ID/Fingerprint ID

Q. Can I set up Touch ID/Fingerprint ID to sign in?
A. Yes, you can. You need to ensure that TouchID/Fingerprint ID is set up on your phone. Then when you login to your Mobile Banking app:

  1. Enter your username and click on Remember Username
  2. On the next screen, it will ask you to create and verify your PIN.
  3. Check the box to Enable Touch ID/Fingerprint ID

Bill Pay

Q. Will all of my Bill Pay information transfer over?
A. Yes, all of your bill pay information will transfer over and your scheduled payments will be processed as usual. Your new online/mobile banking will have new features and be very user friendly.

Q. How can I see multiple payees and pay multiple payees at one time on one screen?
A. Go to the Bill Pay icon/widget, click on Multi Pay and you can view all of your payees and enter the amounts and dates for your bill payments.

Q. How do I delete a payee?
A. Go to payees, then highlight the payee/account and then you can click on Delete Payee (trash can icon).

Q. How do I enable “text” to get alerts to my phone?
A. To set up your phone to receive automatic text alerts.

  1. Confirm your mobile number is correct and confirmed: go to Settings, go to Contacts, confirm your mobile number and request SMS texts.
  2. Enable your mobile number to receive texts: go to Settings, go to Security, and enable SMS text.
  3. Set up automatic alerts/notifications: go to Settings, go to Notifications, and choose they types of alerts you would like: balance, debit purchases, insufficient funds, etc.

Rename Accounts

Q. How do I customize, rename or nickname my accounts to my preferences?
A. Go to the “more” widget/icon on the left sidebar and then go to Settings, then go to the Accounts tab and you will see all of your accounts. Click on Edit to customize the names of your accounts, and then click Save


Q. Can I transfer funds to another member account at Canyon State Credit Union?
A. Yes, you can. Just click on Transfers and you can set it up. You will either need their phone number, email, or their new account number. When finished, you will get confirmation that says “succeeded.”


Q. When can I access my statements online?
A. Yes, you will be able to view your eStatements at the end of February. You can view your past and current statements.

Q. How can I access my statements online?
A. At the end of February, you can set up access. First you will need to set up access on your desktop/PC/laptop. Go to the Accounts icon/widget and then click on Statements. You will be then go through some quick steps to accept a new disclosure and enter a one-time code to confirm your identity.

Q. How do I access eStatements on Mobile Banking?
A. First you will need to set it up on your desktop, then you can access it through Mobile Banking. Go to the eDocs icon/widget, click on Statements.

Credit Cards

Q. Can I manage my credit card account?
A. Yes, go to the Credit Card icon/widget to view your account information, manage payments, view history, etc.

Third Party Services — Quicken/Mint

Q. Can I still use Quicken or Mint?
A. Yes, you should still have access to these programs. Any third party services take a few days to catch up with our new systems. Quicken or Mint should eventually find your new credentials, it just may take a few days for them to catch up and for it to sync. Once it does, you will click on WebConnect to allow your transactions to download. You can manually download it, however it may download again later.

*Canyon State Credit Union is not responsible for any third party providers. If you have a question regarding their system, please contact them directly.