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Palm Print ID Technology

Your security is our top priority.

Palm Print Identification (ID) is our new, state of the art, biometric technology used to verify your identity in a safe and secure manner. It ensures that your accounts are secure, and cannot be touched by any unauthorized party. Our branches now have Palm Print readers that allow us to give you faster, more efficient service.

  • Faster service. Saves you time with every transaction.
  • More secure.  Identifies all of your accounts upon authentication more confidentially.
  • More private. Eliminates giving personal information in public.

Stop by a branch and enroll today to walk the red carpet for security and convenience, and take advantage of this new technology!

You may opt out of this technology, however we strongly encourage all of our members to take part in a more secure way to bank with us.

You may ask – what does Biometric ID Technology mean?

Many of you today use the thumb print or fingerprint technology on your smart phone and this follows along the same concept. Verifying a member’s identity is an inefficient process that requires the manual authentication of a card, PIN, password or other unique method of identification. These methods are not only inconvenient, but also present potential security risks. The new Palm Print ID is available in all of our branch locations.

How does it work?

Initially, you need to enroll by simply holding your palm over the infrared sensing device and it detects your unique palm print pattern and matches it to an encrypted digital signature in our secure system. After registration and whenever you visit a branch, you simply hold your palm over the scanner and you are immediately identified and can conduct your banking transactions.

Palm print recognition works by scanning the prints inside of your hand and creating a digital template that represents your print pattern. Palm print patterns are unique to each individual — even identical twins have different patterns.

For more details, please see our Palm Print ID Q&A